Beginning Back Country Skiing Course – part I


Dates 2015:  February 14; 15; 16; 21; 22; March 2; 7; 8 April 6

Skill Level: Beginning

Fitness Level: Beginning – Intermediate

This is a one day Introduction to Backcountry skiing for those who have experience skiing in-bounds. Skiing off-Piste is a liberating experience and we are excited to help you get started with your backcountry career.

Skills you will Learn:

Introductions to Touring equipment, avalanche rescue equipment, review of skills needed to ski on your own in the backcountry, introduction to avalanche bulletin, uphill ski techniques and movement skills, downhill travel techniques and movement skills.

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Beginning Backcountry Skiing Course part II


Dates 2015:  February 20;22 March 1; 15

Skill Level: Intermediate

Fitness Level: Intermediate – Advanced

This is a one day course for those that have taken the pt 1 or have a little bit of backcountry skiing experience and want to improve upon a skill set.

Skills you will Learn:

Review of touring and rescue equipment, Introduce the Decision Making Framework, Introduction to route planning and navigation, improving cadence, improving kick turns, Terrain Selection, and downhill travel.

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Advanced Backcountry Skiing Course (2 days)


Dates 2015:  April 11-12;  18-19; 20-21

Skill Level: Advanced

Fitness Level: Advanced

This two day course is for backcountry skiers who seek more formal training to gain better decision making skills in the backcountry. In order to join this course you are required to have at least 10 days traveling in the backcountry and have taken an AMGA approved level I avalanche course.

Skills you will learn and improve upon:

Tour Planning, consistent stability assessment throughout each day, appropriate terrain choices, navigation, proper track setting, gear maintenance and field repair, appropriate downhill travel choices.

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Ski Mountaineering Class (2 days)


Dates 2014: February 11; 12; March 11; 12

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Fitness Level: Advanced

This is an intensive two days in which you will work quite hard and receive high rewards in the realm of excellent skiing and a great technical skill base. This 2 day and 1 night course is a short amount of time to cover our objectives of introducing to you backcountry touring skills in which a rope is needed to managed the terrain.

Skills you will Learn:

Tour Planning, Snow anchors, glacier travel and crevasse rescue (with skis), managing steep terrain (climbing, rappelling), snow camping, skiing on a glacier.


Call or E-mail to book:  (360) 393-8098